Color Edge Hair Care

Education Tiers

Color Edge Ambassador

Excited about representing a health conscious brand? Use your preferred social media platforms to promote your favorite Color Edge products. Receive exposure through brand reposts and expand your network of like-minded conscious beauty enthusiasts. Email Vivi at to receive more information about becoming a Color Edge Ambassador.


Color Edge Advocate

Transition from Color Edge Ambassador to Color Edge Advocate by attending and completing the Electra Color Academy, an extensive three-day training offered one time a year that focuses on brand history and product knowledge. Learn what it takes to represent the brand and how to successfully lead education classes for our vast distributor network. Once training is complete, you are now a Color Edge Advocate.


Color Edge Educator

Advance to educator status once you participate in and complete the Tier Advancement Program, which tests your brand knowledge and presentation skills. As a Color Edge educator, you will teach classes in our distribution network, represent the brand at trade shows and other events.

Join Our Education Team

Interested in becoming a member of the Color Edge education team?

Start the process by registering for our once a year Electra Color Academy Jan 12-14 at our Commerce, CA-based headquarters. This three-day all-inclusive educational event covers brand history, product knowledge and detailed insight that will help you conquer even the most complicated hair color challenges. Email Roxana at for more information.