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Frosty Shampoo

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Stylist Tool Kit

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Daily Fix

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Pillar Model
Shine Cream product in 32 oz.

Shine Cream

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Hydrate Shampoo product in 32 oz. size

Hydrate Shampoo

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Hydrate Conditioner product in 32 oz. size

Hydrate Conditioner

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Blissfully Hydrating

Nourishing Masque

Just like your body, your hair needs nutrients too. Our Nourishing Masque is loaded with 14 key ingredients designed to restore hair to its healthiest state when used weekly.

Our Pillars

Reflecting on our roots to where we’ve grown today is the foundation on which we create, grow and thrive.


Our motto "Putting the Integrity of hair first" speaks to one of our highest priorities: healthy hair.


We choose key ingredients that are easily identifiable by the consumer and will more than adequately nourish and restore the hair.


We strive to stay on the cutting edge of the hair industry through product innovation and resources.

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