Hair stylists are taught how to deliver luscious color as part of the salon experience and that’s how our story begins. If passion and hair care had a baby it would be Color Edge.

Born and raised in Los Angeles in 2002, Color Edge Hair Care is dedicated to providing the best quality products to the modern day woman. We have created the Color Edge Hair Care brand by strategically analyzing consumer preferences and taking those preferences into consideration when formulating our products.

Color Edge Hair Care was designed as a Salon Exclusive, performance-driven women’s hair care product line. Our complete line of Shampoos, Conditioners, Styling, Finishing and Permanent Hair Color contain natural ingredients uniquely selected to enhance hair protection while maintaining color.

While keeping our consumers’ affordability in mind, these products are formulated to help keep hair color vibrant for women who want to preserve their color between salon visits. To ensure that you love Color Edge Hair Care, we have created educational courses ranging from product knowledge to a hands-on experience using our product line.

Even celebrities like Kathy Griffin, Cindy Williams, Jodie Sweetin and Kate Flannery can’t help but fall in love with Color Edge Hair Care!