Balayage Care Kit


Keep your balayage healthy at home by caring for it with our specially curated Care Kit. It includes Frosty, our purple shampoo that works to neutralize yellow/brassy tones; Acidifying Conditioner, which uses keratin proteins to bind to hair and strengthen strands; Nourishing Masque, designed to restore hair to its healthiest hydrated state; Shine Cream, our weightless multipurpose product designed to speed up dry time while imparting maximum shine; as well as our Detangling and Teasing Brushes packaged in a reusable drawstring pouch.


  • Frosty Violet Shampoo 4 oz.
  • Acidifying Conditioner 8 oz.
  • Nourishing Masque 8 oz.
  • Shine Cream 2 oz.
  • Detangle Brush
  • Teasing Brush


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